Summer or winter?

If you ask a Finn about the weather in Lapland, you’ll probably hear: nowhere else do the seasons change as fast as they do here. Lapland has eight seasons instead of four, each one having its unique character and experiences.


January-February, -15°C/-25°C

With only a few hours of daylight and low temperatures, midwinter is a very special time of the year and a popular period for tourists. This is winter wonderland at its best with snow-covered trees and mysterious, magical light.

Experience the fairy-tale landscapes during winter activities such as a husky, reindeer, or snowmobile ride. Go cross-country skiing, take a walk on snowshoes or rent a fat bike and cycle along winding paths through the snow-covered forests. The average temperature lies between -15 °C / -25 °C, sometimes even colder. Rest assured: cold weather does not exist according to the Finns, only bad clothing!

Late Winter/Snowy Spring

March, 5°C/-15°C

Most Finns will likely say this is their most loved period in winter. The days are getting longer and the temperature is becoming less extreme. The abundance of sunlight combined with the still snowy landscape are ideal conditions to enjoy nature outdoors


April-May, 5°C/15°C

The days are increasing rapidly in the months of April and May. Nature comes back to life as the snow and ice slowly disappear. Birds sing their song and reindeer calves are born. The average temperature lies between 5°C and 15°C.


June-July, 15°C/25 °C

Summer is synonymous with midsummer night. With 24 hours of daylight, your day literally doesn’t end! Plenty of time – and energy – for outdoor activities! Also, ideal conditions for photography enthusiasts: book a night in a “bear box” and even take photos of brown bears at night!

Late Summer

August, 10°C/20 °C

In late summer, nature is a large picking garden! Just like the locals, you go out with your bucket to collect berries, your vitamins and power food, directly from nature. Enjoy delicious, local seasonal dishes in one of the many restaurants! Average temperature:10°C/20°C.


September, 5°C/15°C

“Ruska”, the Finnish version of “Indian Summer”, falls in the fall. The forests transform into a spectacular color palette. This is an ideal time for walks in the breathtaking nature. The average temperature is between 5°C and 15°C. The nights are getting longer, which increases the changes of seeing the northern lights dancing in the sky.

Early Winter

October-November, -5°C/5°C

Night temperatures drop below freezing in October and November. Lakes are freezing over and the Finns are eagerly looking forward to the first snowflakes to fall. This is a quieter period prior to the busier winter months. So, enjoy peace and quietness and the changing of the season.

Christmas Season

December, -5°C/-15°C

December, Christmas season, is also called “Kaamos”; a dark period with little to no daylight. Despite the short days, you can still do many activities. Cross-country trails are illuminated and the snow and Christmas lights determine the atmosphere. A white Christmas appeals to everyone’s imagination. During this period of the year it can be very busy on the Arctic Circle with tourists from all over the world who visit Santa Claus.